where does the time go?

I stumbled upon a friend’s blog today and it occurred to me that I had not written in quite some time.  I looked at how many posts he had written for each year over the years and it was pretty incredible.  In one year, he had written over 400 posts!  I can’t imagine even having … Continue reading

Reason #239 that divorce sucks….

When I divorced, I lost not only my home (which, stupidly, I suggested), my lifestyle, a giant decrease in income, and all other sorts of security, I also lost friends.  Not all of my / our friends—just the ones that were truly his friends from the start—and that was fair.  I kept my closet friends … Continue reading

the fine print…..

I don’t begrudge my ex-husband an ounce of happiness, I truly don’t.  In fact, one of the things that always attracted me to him was his persistent happy attitude, even when things weren’t always so great.  So when I say that six years after our divorce that I want him to be happy, and clearly … Continue reading

One year, four months….

….is how long I’ve been unemployed.  I can hardly believe it’s been that long.  And really, if I don’t count subbing or my short stint at No-Heathens-Allowed University and the little bit of time I waited tables upon moving here, it’s been two years, four months.    February seems like that magic month when I’m let … Continue reading

My lack of time management….

I truly can’t believe I have not written in so long—because there really are things I wish to write about whether it’s a story in the news, something going on in my life (or lack thereof), the pathetic state of politics, etc.  And yet, I don’t do it. It isn’t because I don’t love to … Continue reading

friendship via our modern world

I think, at least once a day, what would I do without the internet.  When I need directions?  Internet.  When Henry asked me something I don’t know?  Internet.  Need a travel recommendation?  Internet. But what about the personal stuff?  Need advice for a 7yo that won’t eat.  Hit up my FB friends and the internet. … Continue reading

Hard choices….

You know,  I used to think that I knew everything.  Well, not everything but I knew a whole lot anyway.  It turns out, I don’t know everything.  For the first time in quite a while I am uncertain about what to do; about my future.  When I moved here, to Rome, I did so out of … Continue reading

The wireless world turns….

Wireless is our new normal.  Gone are the days of hand-written notes and land-lined phones.  My granny actually still has a land-line but it’s through Comcast, which is digital, so when Comcast goes down, and it happens at least once a month, my granny’s phone, thus, does not work.  So it’s kind of a land-line … Continue reading

Coming into our own….

When I was growing up, I felt like my parents were ancient.  They listened to music I couldn’t connect to (though they desperately tried—and I guess a few stuck like Bruce Springsteen, The Allman Brothers, and Eric Clapton)….I was into Michael Jackson, Rick Springfield, The Clash, Jeffrey Osbourne, Chaka Khan, Devo, The J. Geils Band, … Continue reading